Components of the AQUARIUS-MudMaster


The components of the MudMaster installation consists of the following duties:


1. Consultancy by our specialists


  • Clarification at the site of the local conditions with respect to the waterway and the requirements
  • Removal of samples of the sludge
  • Analysis of the sediment with respect to contamination (to observe local rules and regulations)
  • Analysis of the sediment with respect to its composition


Analysis report




2. Recording the bathimetry (calculation of the volume of sediment)


  • Measurement of the control points at site with qualified instruments (GPS)
  • Analysis of the data and computer-assisted convertion of the control points
  • Generating relevant drawings/blueprints


Elevation chart in the lake

Contour of bathymetry



3. Dredging operation


  • Dredging of sediment from a waterway by means of highly specialized dredging boats and adequate pumps
  • Conveying of the water/sludge mixture through hoses and tubes





4. Separation of coarse and fine material up to a grit size of 2.5 mm




5. Sludge processing in the reactor and sedimentation




6. Water quality control station (before pumping the water into the waterway)


  • Analysis with respect to the pH-value, content of oxygen, conductivity, turbidity and temperature





7. Dewatering and results


  • Drying process of the thickened sludge by means of a dewatering station
  • The MudMaster dewatering technique offers a dry substance of up to 75%






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